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Nokia X7 Review
Dated 21/08/2012 08:39:49
Nokia X7 Review


  • Great camera
  • Good battery life
  • Quirky design
  • Great call quality
  • Symbian feels dated and clunky
  • Screen could be better



Nokia X7 Review


The Nokia X7 is an attractive piece of hardware aimed at the high end of the smartphone market but does it pack a punch when it comes to functionality?  The question is does what’s on the inside match up to what’s on the outside?

Nokia X7 Specifications


The physical shape of the Nokia X7 is quite eye-catching and certainly stands out from the crowd. It is a handset that fits neatly into your pocket and with a profile of a little less than 12mm is fairly slim-line. The angular corners with grilles give the X7 an almost futuristic feel and the brushed metal casing on the back adds a touch of class. As with all Nokia devices it is well constructed and definitely robust, but as a result it is also no lightweight weighing a hefty 146g.  The casing of the Nokia X7 is a unibody construction which does not allow access to the battery if required.  This particular design feature also means that in order to insert the SIM or microSD card you are required to fiddle around with removable compartments.


The 4 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of the Nokia X7 with Corning Gorilla Glass does produce bright colours but it has a fairly meagre resolution of 360 x 640 pixels with a pixel density of 184ppi.


Unfortunately Nokia have opted to use a slow 680MHz processor in the X7 which when compared to other smartphones powered by dual-core processors seems an odd choice.  The lack of processing power affects all aspects of the X7 operations but you will particularly notice the device struggling when running 3D games or watching video.

Nokia X7 Operating System

An anomaly of the Nokia X7 is the operating system.  It is well known that the Symbian OS used by Nokia is just about defunct and that in the future Nokia intend to load their smartphones with the Windows OS. So the fact that the Nokia X7 runs Symbian Anna, albeit the most recent version of the Symbian OS, makes it out-dated even before its launch.


Nokia are well known for their quality cameras and the 8 megapixel rear-mounted camera of the X7 is no exception.  It takes good quality pictures, but does suffer from a fixed focus lens which prevents you from taking any macro shots. As you would expect the X7 camera is also capable of recording 720p high definition video.

Battery Life

The Nokia X7 is powered by a standard Li-Ion 1200mAh battery.  With moderate use this gives enough power to keep the X7 going for up to a day before needing to plug in for a recharge.

Nokia X7 Price

This device is priced at the higher end of the smartphone market.  You can purchase a handset SIM free for something in the region of £350 or you can get the X7 free when you take out a 24 month contract with monthly costs starting at around £30 depending on the conditions of the contract.

Pros and Cons

Overall there are good points and bad points about the Nokia X7.  It has the good looks and excellent build of a top-end smartphone, with a price to suit but the unibody casing means the operation to insert the SIM and microSD card is too awkward.  The X7 has a good size screen with bright colours but with a low resolution and an unforgivably slow processor chip it can’t produce the seamless experience you would expect from a high-end phone.  Finally, the Symbian Anna Operating System makes the X7 feel outdated even before you get it out of the box.

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