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Apple iPhone 5 Review
Dated 17/09/2012 06:20:54
Apple iPhone 5 Review

Pros and Cons

1. Overall, we love the larger 4-inch screen along with its sleeker, thinner and lighter design.

2. The A6 processor and iOS 6 promise both faster data speeds and some app developments.

3. For those living in the UK’s major cities where 4G networks are due to be launched in the near future by Orange and T-Mobile, you’ll also love the phones 4G capabilities.

4. This is also a limitation of the phone as it will be limited to just the two networks if you want to use 4G and as always the iPhone will maintain Apple’s premium pricing and is therefore very expensive compared to other smartphones on the market.

5. The phone has also moved from a micro-sim to a nano-sim slot, which if you’re looking to reuse your old sim card will mean that you’ll need a new one to fit. 


Apple iPhone 5 Review


The iPhone 5 is a great looking, sleek and stylish phone that has a larger screen in recognition of the fact that we’re all using our phones for so much more than making calls. The screen is smaller than that of its closest rival the Samsung Galaxy S3, but will the new design be enough to take on Samsung’s smartphone challenge?

Slimmer, taller and lighter


The iPhone 5’s redesign will come as a welcome news to all those that were disappointed by the iPhone 4S which looked the same as the iPhone 4. The latest phone is larger in design, thinner at just 7.6mm and the rear casing is made of aluminium rather than Gorilla Glass, which helps to reduce the weight from 140g to 112g.

Ear pods Redesigned

If you use your iPhone to listen to music or to watch films and TV, you’ll soon notice that Apple have redeveloped their earbud headphones and launched the new and improved design as Earpods. The headphones will not only stay in your ears but also deliver great quality audio that’s comparable to the quality that you’d get from headphones that would cost you over £50 to buy separately.


The screen size has increased from 3.5-inches to 4-inches which means that there’s room to fit an extra row of icons on the home screen and which will of course make it easier to watch movies, play games or view emails on the phone. Not only has Apple increased the screen size but the resolution too, which is now 640x1136 providing a great quality display for watching TV.


The iPhone 5 has 4G capabilities, so if you take out a contract with either T-Mobile or Orange, who will be the first to rollout 4G to cities in the UK you’ll be able to experience faster mobile browsing in the near future.


The camera resolution stays at 8-megapixels but Apple claims to have increased its performance which will give you better photos when taken in low-light conditions and the photo capture is 40% faster. The phone also has a new panorama mode which once you get the hang of using it will allow you to take amazing landscape shots, but beware; the photos you take will also take up an enormous amount of memory too. If you like to use the phones camcorder function, you’ll like the improved video stabilisation as well as face detection and the fact that you can now also take a photograph whilst you’re recording a video.


iOSThe iPhone 5 comes preinstalled with Apple’s latest software iOS 6, which brings some changes and improvements to your phone. You’ll notice that the Google Maps app has been replaced with Apple’s own mapping app which has an array of 3D views as well as a Flyover mode. The app also has a turn by turn navigation feature which allows you to use your phone as a sat-nav that works in conjunction with Siri.  If you’re into social networking, you’ll also love the way that Facebook has been incorporated; birthdays will be added to your iPhone calendar and you’ll be able to post photos to Facebook directly from your Photos app. Siri has also been further developed to make it smarter and hence more helpful when using it in day to day situations.

Apple iPhone 5 price

The cheapest iPhone 5 will cost £529 for the 16GB model, £599 for the 32GB model and £699 for the top of the range 64GB model. These prices are Sim-free, direct from Apple or the phone is available on a selection of contracts from mobile operators.


The iPhone 5 is not a radically different phone from its predecessor the 4S, but Apple has made a series of developments which will deliver some great user benefits.  However, if you are a fan of iPhone and you’re thinking to sell my mobile phone and buy a new mobile phone then this could be for you. The A6 processor promises faster data upload that will be viewed on a larger 4-inch screen. The phone is great to hold, being both thinner and lighter in design. The camera has been improved once again but needs to be tested in everyday use, along with the battery life. All in all, this looks to be a great phone that Apple fans will love and may even win over some of the Android phone owners.

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