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LG Viewty GT Review
Dated 01/10/2012 06:20:28
Review of LG Viewty GT

Pros and Cons
The Positive…
  • Good quality camera
  • Sharp and vibrant screen
  • Comfortable size to hold
  • Simple user interface
The Negative….
  • No camera flash
  • Resistive touch screen
  • Non-standard headphone jack
  • Cheap build quality



LG Viewty GT Review

The latest in LG’s Viewty range the Viewty GT is a reasonably priced mobile phone aimed at users who want a decent phone camera.


The Viewty GT is extremely lightweight at only 98g but this is just a reflection of its flimsy plastic casing, which feels feel as if it would stand up to much.

The overall appearance of the device is pretty sleek. The curved bottom edge adds a little interest and prevents it looking too “boxy”.  Beneath the screen are three physical buttons – the menu button is in the middle flanked by the call end and pick up buttons.  The call end button also doubles as the power on/off button. The left spine houses a covered microSD card slot and on the right edge you will find the volume rocker switch, camera button, lock switch and microUSB port. At the top on the right is also home to a telescopic stylus.

Measuring 55 x 107 x 12mm the Viewty GT is a comfortable size to hold although not the most slim-line phone.  It has a 3 inch screen which feels small and unfortunately rather than the capacitive display technology is actually a resistive screen.  What this means in reality is an unresponsive screen.  You often need to push on the display at least twice before it reacts.  The experience is a little less frustrating if you use the compact stylus included with this handset but it is not ideal. Otherwise despite a resolution of only 240 x 400 pixels the display is sharp and clear.


LG have used their own S-Class interface on the Viewty GT.  If you are not used to it may take some adjusting to but on the whole is fairly straight-forward to use and keeps your Homescreen tidy. The Homescreen is divided into two parts.  One panel displays widgets for things such as weather information, news updates and twitter and facebook notifications.  The other section is for you to add shortcuts to your favourite contacts. 

If you open the main menu apps are logically stored under four headings – Entertainment, Communication, Utilities and Settings – which are accessed by tapping on the panel down the right hand side of the screen.

The Viewty GT is capable of multitasking.  To use more than one app at a time simply tap the task switcher button and instead of closing the application you are currently in it will suspend it while you open a new one.  Then you can switch between them by hitting the task switcher button again.

The GT is not great when it comes to listening to music.  LG supply headphones in the box for the GT but their sound quality is pretty poor.  What makes this more frustrating is that the GT does not have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so you can’t swap them for your own set.


The GT is kitted out with a 5 megapixel rear-mounted camera, which for a phone of this price, is good, but it is let down by the lack of flash.  If, however, you only intend to take photos outside with good lighting conditions the end result is a photo with good clarity, true colours and impressive detail. The Muvee Studio photo editing tool gives you a good range of features to play with including creating slide shows from your photos.  The GT camera can also record video but sadly only in QVGA format.

Battery Life

The battery of the Viewty GT coped well with general use and lasted into the second day before needing to be re-charged.

LG Viewty GT Price

A 24 month contract on an LG Viewty GT will set you back in the region of £15 per month.


Overall for a phone in this price bracket the LG Viewty GT is not a bad device.  It is functional and simple to use with a good camera.  It could have been a lot better though if LG had gone with the capacitive display instead of the unresponsive resistive option.

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