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Nokia C3-01 Review
Dated 15/09/2012 06:06:37
Nokia C3-01 Review


  • The model has attractive, robust design
  • The price is both reasonable and affordable
  • The handset is easy to use- a great smart phone for someone who doesn’t want lots of extra features
  • Facebook and Twitter built in in the Communications app for easy use and instant updates.


  • The processor is low powered which makes the whole phone run rather slowly and jerkily.
  • Although the fundamental features all work well they are pretty basic in appearance.
  • The low resolution screen is small and makes viewing internet pages a slow process.
  • The battery power is average, only lasting one day with moderate use.


Nokia C3-01 Review


Are you a messaging fan? Can’t get through the hour without a quick Tweet? Love a flutter on Facebook but don’t want to have to fork out for a high end smartphone? Then maybe you should recycle your mobile phone and pick up a Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type. It’s a straightforward, robust mobile phone which is affordable and brings classic Nokia design to the smart phone era.


The physical design of the phone is impressive with a protective solid metal chassis (great is you’re a bit on the clumsy side!). Weighing in a just 100g and overall dimensions of 111 x 47.5 x 11mm makes this Nokia a fantastic fit for your jeans pocket. The buttons are just on the top and bottom which make accidental pushing unlikely. It’s got 30Mb of built in memory and there’s an SD slot so if you love to snap a photo or load music onto your phone there’s plenty of storage. The screen is a touch screen and proves to be reasonably responsive. The handset has a physical number pad which makes entering number data and updating your contacts simple and error free.


The screen on the Nokia C3-01 is a bit basic with only 240 x 230 pixels, but the standard of the touch screen is markedly better than on the previous Nokia model like the N8 and C7. The homepage, though simple, can be customised to show the shortcuts that you use most often and, although it doesn’t look very pretty, it’s easy to find your way around the different menus and folders. Facebook and Twitter can be easily accessed from the Communities App which allows you to have your updates sent straight to your homepage. It all feels a bit cramped as the screen is small, but it’s very useable, if a bit fiddly as you need to tap the feed or tweet to be able to see the whole thing. Sometimes this is no problem but the Communities app can take a while to load which is a bit frustrating.

The handset as all the basic features that you’d expect from a modern phone- alarm clock, calculator, voice recorder, lists, notes app, timer and stopwatch. They all work perfectly, but don’t look very pretty or current when compared to other smart phone’s basic features. More apps are available from the Ovi store.

Another slow working feature is Nokia’s internet browser. The processor can’t really load pages at the speed necessary to be able to surf the net effectively, especially when the small screen again means that you can only see a tiny proportion of the page which means you need to zoom in- this again takes time. It’s best to use the other pre-loaded internet browser- the Opera Mini which works much more effectively and has a superior zoom function which makes the pages easier to view. The camera is a 5MP model with LED flash and makes good use of the touch screen. Despite the low res, pictures look reasonable, with colours bright and only a small amount of noise overall. The video is similarly acceptable- it’s not going to blow you away but at the affordable price you get a reasonable quality that is only let down by a slight jerkiness. 

The radio is accessed when the headphones are attached. The radio is fiddly to find as you have to through a few settings menus before you can select it but the sound is good and it will automatically tune up to 25 stations for you. Similarly, the quality of the music player through the loudspeakers is average to say the least, but you can have it pretty loud if you don’t mind a bit of distortion. 

The battery proves to be a bit disappointing. Lots of smart phones only last the day and need to be charged every night but I’d expect a bit more from the Nokia C3-01 as it’s pretty low powered and shouldn’t eat the battery like it does.


The C3-01 is a reasonably priced handset at £160 Sim-free, £99 on a pay as you go deal or, if you want a monthly contract you can get the handset free for £15 a month from the online Nokia shop. 

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