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Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 Review
Dated 16/10/2012 06:30:28
Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 Review


  • Great touch screen
  • Long battery life
  • Good call quality
  • Good music player


  • Small screen
  • Chunky, clunky handset design
  • Camera limited to outdoor shots


Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 Review


If you are hankering after a Samsung Galaxy S but find its price tag a bit too steep then perhaps  you could choose to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-i5801. Think of it as a budget version of the Galaxy S- many of the best features are included, but the handset is much more affordable.


It’s immediately obvious that the handset does not look as trendy or impressive as some other models made by Samsung- the body is a bit on the chunky side and it’s made of dull black plastic. However, the front side is mirrored which gives it a modern, contemporary feel.

All the regular buttons are there -a triangular home button lies between two touch sensitive navigation buttons and there is a headphone/speaker jack, a power button and a micro-USB port. One thing that Samsung has not scrimped on is the multi touch enabled touch screen, which means that you can zoom in and out of browser pages and photos by pinching your fingers together. The keyboard is also very receptive and typing on the virtual keyboard is user friendly and easy.

The only real down side of the screen is that it’s a bit on the small side so pictures and graphics don’t look as good as they do on a more high end model. It’s powered by Android 2.1 which means that the phone runs pretty smoothly through most functions. However, it does start to slow up if you have multiple widgets open on the home screen so it’s best to stick with essentials to keep it running smoothly.

There are two home screens available- either the Orange home screen which closely resembles the regular Android interface or Samsungs own interface which skins Android to give make it feel more like the Touchwiz interface. Both home screens are fine, but the Samsung one is generally a bit more user friendly.


If you want to use your phone as a music player then you’ll like the in-ear headphones that come with the Galaxy Apollo. The sound quality is pretty good, especially the bass and the music player has some fun functions that make your music experience even better, including an FM tuner so that you can catch up with the latest news and tunes when you’re out and about.

The camera on the handset is a basic 3.2 mega pixel affair which sounds like it would provide you with shockingly low quality images. However, the look of the photos is pretty reasonable and the colours are natural and details sharp. You do need to use this phone in well lit conditions as there is no flash, which makes indoor photography or night time shots very difficult and incredibly grainy. There are some good functions on the camera though- you can use the panorama function to piece together several shots to make a long, wide photo. This function is great for group photos, or for taking snaps of large landmarks on holiday. You also have control over the white balance and, when set to automatic, the camera does prove to be reasonably intelligent in choosing the correct modes for the type of shot that you are taking.

The call quality on the Apollo is also excellent, with clear sound quality, even when making calls outdoors.

Battery Life

The life of a phone’s battery is very important these days as you don’t want to be caught short and find yourself out of juice! As the Apollo’s screen is smaller than most smart phones and as it runs on a slightly slower processor, the battery really benefits. With average use, the handset could last 48 hours before it needed a recharge, which is pretty impressive as most smart phones do need a daily charge to keep going.

Samsung Galaxy Apollo Price

As we stated earlier, if you are looking for a new smartphone handset and feel that the top notch models like the Galaxy S 3, or iPhone are just a little bit too much money, then the Samsung Apollo is definitely worth a look. The handset comes in at a reasonable £150 for the handset, or about £225 for the Sim free version. Or if you are looking for a contract for your mobile phone you can pick one up for about £20 a month on a 24 month contract with no up front cost.


For the price you pay (which is considerably less that for a high end handset) the Apollo is a pretty good buy, especially as it’s touch screen is of a very high quality and the processor, though not massively powerful, is enough to power the phone effectively whilst being sparing on the battery power. Good choice for those who want a great brand at a cheaper price.

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