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Samsung Tocco Icon Review
Dated 17/08/2012 11:06:28
Samsung Tocco Icon


  • Realistic colour
  • Bright display
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight


  • Screen lock
  • Unreliable touchscreen 
  • Hard to text
  • Limited widget library


Samsung Tocco Icon Review


Despite looking a lot like a smartphone and having many features of one the Samsung Tocco Icon, the successor to the Tocco Lite, is actually a feature phone. The functionality of a smartphone is packaged in a light weight device with good battery duration and you don’t have to delve too deep in your pocket to get your hands on one, which makes this a good choice for the younger user perhaps.

Samsung Tocco Icon Specifications

Because it is not a smartphone the Samsung Tocco Icon does not come with an Android operating system as with many Samsung phone models, but the fact that it has the company’s Touch Wiz User Interface installed makes it feel very much like a smartphone. This interface allows the user to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, link up to social network systems (albeit with less sophistication than a smartphone), use email (more successfully than other feature phones) and alter homescreens. It is a little disappointing that the Tocco Icon, as with the Tocco Lite, does not have 3G connectivity so any on-line connection is restricted to Wi-Fi. There is of course an advantage to this as it puts a lot less strain on the 1000mAh battery and ensures a longer period of activity before needing to be recharged. In fact with general usage you can expect to have two or three days of use out of the battery before it needs charging.


There are some useful features included on the Samsung Tocco Icon which are reminiscent of a smartphone such as the Notifications Bar. This enables you to see when you have received a new message and allows you to switch between settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Another feature of the Tocco Icon which replicates HTC’s Sense UI capabilities is the ability to mute a call by flipping the phone over. In addition there are up to 14 widgets you can add to your homescreen in any configuration you like and if you want more you can download them from Samsung’s dedicated apps site.


You could be forgiven for mistaking the Samsung Tocco Icon for a smartphone based on its appearance. The physical form of the Samsung Tocco Icon is nicely compact and would easily fit into your pocket. It is also very lightweight, weighing only 94g. It is no surprise then that this handset does not have a huge screen. However the 3 inch capacitive display is impressive for a phone of this nature. Less successful is the speaker on the back of the device which does not provide very good audio quality and is easily muffled when you use the phone. However, on a more positive note the Tocco Icon does have a 3.5mm headphone jack allowing you to plug in earphones to listen to music etc.

Samsung have successfully given a feature phone a smartphone make-over. Whereas there is usually a clear distinction between the two types of mobile the Tocco Icon bridges that gap very effectively.

Samsung Tocco Icon Price

The Samsung Tocco Icon can be purchased for approximately £100 SIM free or you can obtain one on a pay as you go deal for something in the region of £90. This makes it a much more affordable option than the high-end smartphones costing around £400 SIM free, but if you were to compare it with some of the budget smartphones the benefits become less obvious. However, it might still be worth considering if you are looking to recycle your old mobile and upgrade but do not want a fully-flegded smartphone.

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