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UK Survey On Mobile Network Operators 2010

A survey has been conducted regarding service and reliability of UK mobile network providers, which can bring a clear picture to consumers.

Vodafone and O2 are the most widely cited network operators and other leading UK network operators are Orange, T-Mobile and 3, which have received less than 10 responses in this survey. Voice calls on mobile networks suffer from impairments like background noise, echoes and voice distortion. Improving voice call quality is a priority for network operators at the moment, and both Orange and 3 are planning trials of High-Definition (HD) voice technology this year. 69% judge call quality to be 'good' for O2, whilst the majority of responses for other operators are either 'good' or 'average'.

Mobile data usage is on the increase, and mobile operators are constantly extending their network coverage to keep pace with demand. Vodafone's and O2's charts are clustering around the 'average' category with the three smaller sample networks 3, Orange and T-Mobile failing to muster an 'excellent' rating. For areas with poor coverage, Vodafone is offering a 'femtocell' solution called Sure Signal.

The present headline speed for mobile broadband in the UK is 14.4Mbps rolled out by Vodafone. T-Mobile offers up to 4.5Mbps, whilst O2, 3 and Orange top out at 3.6Mbps. Vodafone and O2 being the most widely used network operators, are judged to be 'Average' whilst others have a noticeably wider spread of results, running the full gamut from 'abysmal' to 'excellent'.

Consumers sell mobile phones to get a new mobile handset with these network providers for better mobile usage and improved features.

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