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Android 'being aligned with PlayStation'
(09/02/2011 11:55:03)

Mobile phone recycling could be inspired by Sony's strategy on gaming, as one expert has claimed the manufacturer is aligning its Android platform with the PlayStation brand.

Guy Cocker, editor of GameSpot UK, explained that Sony is trying to compete with Apple in the gaming arena by linking the console with the smartphone system.

The firm has recently launched high-profile advertising regarding the new Xperia phone, with full details set to be announced on Sunday February 13th, according to the company's Facebook page.

News that the PlayStation handset will soon be unveiled is likely to have gaming fans considering whether to sell mobile phones to fund the purchase of a new gadget like the Xperia.

Mr Cocker noted that Android is gaining market share on its rival Apple and positioning the PlayStation brand alongside it will help to boost its presence in the gaming world.

Explaining how the connection will work, he said: "It'll be an application that will allow you to download and run PlayStation One games.

"I expect those devices to start turning up before the PSP2 [Next Generation Portable/NGP]."

The expert described how users will probably need the latest version of Android software to play the games.

In his view, there may be a minimum 'spec' required for a handset to be able to run the Android application.

This could mean that customers may benefit from mobile phone recycling, as they can begin using a top-of-the-range device.

Industry figures at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are set to be the first to set eyes on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia.

But anyone keen to find out more can 'like' the Sony Ericsson Facebook page and receive official details the day it is launched.

The connection between Android and PlayStation is highlighted in the advert on the social network, with the tag line reading: "Android is ready to play." 

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