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Apple Grabs Up Mobile Security Firm AuthenTec For $356 Million
(18/07/2012 15:29:00)

It has been confirmed that Apple has acquired AuthenTec, a security company that has developed fingerprint scanning technology for mobile devices. The deal has cost Apple $365 million from their cash reserves which are estimated to be in excess of $117 billion.

It is unknown at this stage exactly why Apple has bought Authentec, but the company has been developing specialist security technology since its formation back in 1998. The company has produced over 100 million fingerprint scanning sensors during this time, of which 20% have been used in mobile devices and have been bought by many of Apples competitors including; Motorola, Samsung and Nokia. The other 80% of sensors have been built into many designs of computer by companies including Dell, Lenovo and Asus and provide both a degree of security protecting any confidential information held on your computer. In addition to this, they provide a quick and easy way of accessing your computer for all registered users, who just have to swipe their finger over the sensor instead of entering usernames and passwords.

It is widely believed to be a strategic move, which will see Apple include this new technology as an additional security feature in new launches of the iPhone and iPad. This advancement may help to attract new consumers who currently have concerns over the level of security offered by their current product range. It is also expected that iPhones will become our e-wallets and start to replace cash for low value purchases; a move that would give us greater convenience, however Apple will need in light of recent hacks and security breaches which have done little to allay people’s security fears over such systems.

The deal has proved profitable for AuthenTec shareholders, who saw the value of their shares rise by 60% to $8 per share overnight.

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