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Apple to update iPod touch By End Of 2012
(24/07/2012 16:29:15)

The world of mobile communications is a fast moving one and seems to progress more quickly with every passing year. As handsets get smaller and systems operate faster and faster it seems there is no end to the improvements being made. This leads to a vast number of people deciding to recycle mobile phones and constantly upgrade their handsets.

Leading the way in terms of style and substance for many years now, Apple have been the company that others try to emulate. The gaps have narrowed greatly as evidenced by the enormous sales for some of their competitors such as HTC and Samsung, but Apple do continue to innovate. Not only do they have top of the range mobile phones, they are also market leaders in the tablet market with the iPad.

One of the areas that has perhaps been overlooked of late is the PMP market, Portable Music Players. Apple have never really been significantly challenged in this area as their iPod has always been and continues to be the clear consumer favourite. The closest challenge has come from Sony’s Walkman range (not to be confused with the portable tape recorder of the 1980’s!) but even they haven’t seriously dented Apple’s reputation for stylish, high quality MP3 players. It is hardly surprising, given the facts above, that Apple wish to keep ahead of the competition and are constantly striving to improve on previous devices. There are rumours rattling around the internet – when are there not, right? – that the iPod Touch may well be receiving some kind of revamp later on in 2012. The iPod Touch was originally launched in 2007 and it is currently in it’s 4th generation. Apple hasn’t seen fit to update the specifications of the iPod Touch since September of 2010 when the 4th generation was released – in October of 2011 they did release a white iPod Touch that carried the same spec as before. Currently the devices run a 1GHz (actually underclocked to 800 MHz) ARM Cortex-A8 processor and has 256MB of RAM. There are three storage options – users can choose from 8, 32 or 64GB. There are front and rear cameras and the 4th generation iPod Touch can run all of the available apps from the App Store.

So what will be new when we (hopefully) see the new generation later this year? Rumours say that the 5th generation iPod Touch will increase the current display size of 3.5 inches up to a 4 inch display. It is likely that the back of the device will have a “buffed aluminium” shell instead of the glass backing to be found on the iPhone or the mirrored aluminium on the current 4th generation iPod Touch. Also, though the design may be updated to bring it in line a little more with the iPhone 5 it is likely that all of the hardware under the bonnet will be based around the iPhone 4S rather than the iPhone 5.

As I said, this is all hearsay and more is likely to be learnt at Apple’s annual music event in September. Until then you may want to hold off on trading in your mobile phone and waiting with bated breath for a new iPod touch.

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