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Apple Vs Samsung Biggest Mobile Battle Ever
(19/07/2012 15:29:25)

Since the launch of the iPhone Apple have been market leaders in the smartphone market but it didn’t take long for Android smartphones to catch up and their popularity continues to grow. Samsung in particular have really attacked the Android market and launched numerous smartphones to suit all sectors of the market. It is, however, their flagship Samsung Galaxy S3 which is the real competitor to the Apple and goes head to head against the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S3, released by Samsung in May this year has topped the ranks to become best selling smartphone in the UK. The S3 has received excellent reviews some of which openly favour the Galaxy S3 over the iPhone 4S. The mobile battle between Apple and Samsung is set to continue, however, with the development of a new version of the iPhone on the cards.

In true Apple style there has been no official information released about the new iPhone, but if there is any truth in the rumours the new device from Apple is expected to ruffle some of Samsung’s feathers with a major overhaul. Dubbed the iPhone 5, the new device is expected to be a complete remodel and incorporate features that we have come to expect from premium Android smartphones. It remains to be seen how sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are affected when the new iPhone hits the stores, and how Samsung will retaliate.

The battle between arch rivals Apple and Samsung has got even tougher and it is not restricted solely to the smartphone market. The tablet market is a growing market and highly competitive. Currently 1 in 6 adults own a tablet in the US and in the UK that figure is one in twelve.

Apple’s iPad continues to be the best selling tablet, massively outselling any other device with 84 million sold worldwide since it was launched in 2010. More recently it seems others tablet manufacturers are trying to close that gap. Microsoft are developing their new Surface tablets which will run the new Windows 8 operating platform and Amazon are expected to release their new Kindle Fire in the UK later this year. New Android devices are also being developed. Google have recently brought their highly regarded Nexus 7 tablet to the table and Samsung already have their Galaxy Tab range.

Locked in an on-going legal battle Apple have contested patent rights but a British High Court judge did not support their case stating that the tablet released by Samsung cannot be confused with the Apple iPad.

The Android tablets have been smaller than the iPad and there is a big price difference. There is now a feeling that Apple will need to develop their own version of a smaller tablet to keep up with the competition that is beginning to line up.

In general though market research suggests that if you own an Apple iPhone you remain loyal to the brand and rather than recycle your mobile to make way for a Samsung Galaxy S3 you choose to wait for the release of the new Apple device. So let the battle resume!

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