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Apps For Windows Phone 7 Could Increase Mobile Recycling
(01/07/2011 08:49:17)

Such is the nature of the modern smartphone, that as a stand-alone device it is still mightily impressive, but it is when you start adding on downloadable apps that you really start getting the most out of your mobile phone.

Listed below are a few of the best packages of software for Windows 7 phones. Before diving in headfirst into the online store, be sure to read the minimum requirements for each app to ensure they will run smoothly on your phone.

  • Feed Me

    This helpful news organizer sorts all of your incoming news feeds into coherent groups. Like Pulse, you can bring in all of your feeds from Google Reader, so you have no need to re-input all your favourite links.

  • GPS Track Recorder

    This is one for all those who lack that pigeon’s instinct when it comes to directions. This app accesses your phone's embedded GPS and accelerometer to pin-point your location, speed, altitude, distance, and orientation. Tiny graphs show the topography you've covered.

  • Shazam

    You know when you’re out shopping or something and that song comes on over the speakers, that annoyingly catchy one that you’ve been humming for days but you have no idea who is responsible for it? Enter Shazam. It will "listen" to the song for a minute and then deliver surprisingly accurate results – for example if you hold the phone next to a Tasmanian devil having its teeth removed, Girls Aloud always pops up on the screen.

  • Thumba

    No, it isn’t a hitch-hiking app or a lewd sexual practice; with this app you can edit photos using effects, filters, adjustments, and borders. This app has more options than you'll likely ever use, so doctoring photos becomes as much of an art as taking them.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years and haven’t yet heard of the ever-growing list of benefits that come with owning a smartphone, make sure you get stuck into mobile phone recycling and upgrade to a new top of the range smartphone. If you want to sell a mobile phone for cash then go online to find out how much mobile phone trade in might be worth.

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