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Audyssey Premium Mobile Suite Announced At MWC
(23/03/2011 10:24:29)

Well this could all be about to change as sound pioneers Audyssey announced at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they are turning their attention to mobile phones. One of the technical issues being addressed by the sound experts is the acoustic challenges posed by the limited speaker and amplifier size available to a mobile phone and the environments they are used in. Audyssey are transferring the years of experience they have built up in the home theatre and automotive business in the hope they can give mobile sound a richer, purer sound, with less distortion and tinny squeals which can drive a user to distraction.

One of the biggest problems facing Audyssey is the wide range of environments we use our mobiles in, and consequently having to calibrate the phones speakers to cater for these changes. We could be using our phones amongst the din of a nightclub or in a hushed train carriage, so the clever clogs at Audyssey are implementing new systems which deal with background noise and distortion alongside more telephony-specific problems such as echoes. Experts at Audyssey are adamant that in collaboration with the major mobile brands, the new wave of smartphones being released will look, perform and sound great.

The Premium Mobile Suite being rolled out by Audyssey will be able to analyse both ends of the call, so it will improve not only what you hear but also what you say, sadly for some, it can’t improve the actual conversation, just the sound of it, but I suppose quality sounding piffle is better than the screechy, bass less version we are currently used to.

Improving the sound quality of mobile phones is the next logical step in the evolution of this indispensible little gadget, Audyssey are certain that there is still a lot more to be improved upon but it seems they have managed to loosen the vice slightly on that poor monkey.

Those of you considering recycling mobile phones for cash and upgrading to a swish new Smartphone will hopefully soon be hearing the benefits of Audyssey’s acoustic innovations. Selling mobile phones to an online recycler gives you the peace of mind that your trusty old handset will not end up in landfill, and raise a bit of extra cash in the process, sounds like a great idea doesn't it.

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