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Bolster Your Smartphone and Tablet Security
(19/06/2012 13:15:18)

Mobile phone security has been thrust into public consciousness after a spate of high-profile hacking cases. With the major manufactures selling mobile phones with ever more sophisticated technology on board, the challenge to keep our personal data and information safe is becoming increasingly difficult.

Smartphones and tablets are built around the idea of access: Instant access to your media, emails or internet all at the touch of a button. The trouble is of course that with ease of access comes the increased security risk, as cyber-criminals and identity thieves look to exploit our smartphone’s and tablet’s convenience and openness. 

The problem with smartphones especially; is that to bolster security would be to compromise on accessibility and usefulness: the easier the data is to access, the harder it is to protect.

This week AT&T unveiled its service that stops data, voice, and text-message access to iPhones and iPads that owners report to the company as lost or stolen. 

If you’re unfortunate to have your mobile stolen, or if you’ve just misplaced it and are worried about who may find it then you can now ensure that designated data can be blocked from view via a remote service. 

Reactivating the device requires a call to AT&T customer support. The company asks that people use the free Find My iPhone app (which also runs on iPads) to wipe the device remotely before it is deactivated.

In addition to locking and wiping your iPad or iPhone remotely, Find My iPhone lets you play a sound on the device or send it a canned message.

Selling mobile phones with internet access and advanced communication capabilities has become the norm but many people are still too lapse when it comes to mobile security. Many people forgo even the most basic of security measure when it comes to their smartphones and leave their devices wide open to unauthorized. Simple security measures can include just setting a passcode. The minor hassle of entering a code to wake up your device is worth the level of protection a passcode provides. It provides an initial barrier which will immediately put off any prospective crims!

 If you share your iPhone or iPad, there's probably information on the device you would prefer other users not see. The cheap-as-chips Secure Folder app creates protected areas that other iPhone and iPad apps can't access.

Cash for phones is a boom industry at the moment and everyone wants to go green and recycle phones by selling them online. If you do sell phones online make sure that your remove all data from your phone before sending it off and make certain that you have taken out all SIM cards and memory cards before handing the mobile over to anyone. 

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