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Britons encouraged to save money via mobile phone recycling
(18/02/2011 14:59:52)

People looking to upgrade their handsets have been urged to save money by selling or recycling mobile phones.

Britons can line their pockets by trading in unwanted gadgets, possibly making an upgrade more affordable, notes Kara Gammell in the Telegraph.

One common mistake made by people looking to trade in old phones is that they believe they will not receive sizeable sums for very old models.

Many people wrongly fear they would be wasting their time in seeking a deal because mobile phone recycling firms are only interested in newer designs.

Ms Gammell references research compiled by, which indicated that people in the UK are throwing up to £200 away each year.

This is mainly because mobile phone users are often signed up to lengthy contracts that are not really appropriate for their needs.

It is important to seek a tariff that offers enough free minutes and text messages, Ms Gammell said, so users are not stung when they go over their allotted threshold of call time.

Should a mobile phone user be receiving a package that they are not using in its entirety each month, it is worth downgrading in order to save money.

"Phone your provider's customer services department for a tariff check-up every three months, where they will review your bills and may be able to recommend something cheaper," Ms Gammell stated.

Those who have acquired the latest smartphones may also be able to utilise their handsets in order to drive down monthly costs.

Many models support an application that transforms expensive 0870 phone numbers into standard calls, potentially saving mobile phone users a hefty sum when tallied up.

"If you do not have a smartphone, visit the company's website, which has a search engine to find alternative and often free numbers for companies," Ms Gammell continued.

Roaming charges have regularly been a cause for complaint among mobile phone owners attempting to use their devices abroad.

However, last year European Union chiefs vowed to look into the concept of roaming rates in Europe, claiming that these were unfair on consumers.

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