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Could Business Smartphone Apps Boost Mobile Recycling?
(21/09/2011 14:15:07)

There are purportedly over 250,000 Android and over 400,000 iPhone apps available to download on smartphones. How many of these apps are truly of any real use could be argued until the cows come home, but with such a vast number of apps being created, should we be getting more out of them in terms of our businesses? Because of the sheer numbers involved, getting the most out of the app world may take a sprinkling of creativity and thinking beyond the obvious in order to extract a practical use from a seemingly trivial app.

Obviously, any business owner or professional worth their salt should be looking at efficiency in both time and ultimately, money. There are certainly apps out there that can help small and larger businesses alike, achieve this. Below is a selection on application genres and types with examples of how they could be used to help streamline business practices.

For those on the go there are different apps that allow you to create or amend documents, such as Microsoft Office files, and apps that can convert files from one format to another. Whilst you may carry a laptop anyways, it’s not always convenient to use when in a hurry so additionally you could download an app that allows you to control your computer via your phone.

You can track all your business’ outgoings and expenses as well as calculate VAT wherever you are too and if on the go means travelling abroad, invest in a a time zone app or perhaps a foreign language phrase book or dictionary.

Faxes have become a thing of the past since the introduction of email and many offices don’t have a machine anymore so use an app to send that odd one from your phone instead of having to make a trip to the nearest Post Office. Save money on international calls with a cloud based service, such as Skype, and stay on top of your mobile phone account with an app from your network provider. Did you know you can even text safely whilst driving with a speech to text app?

Sell your old phone now and upgrade to an app-enabled smartphone to help keep your business ahead of the competition.

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