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Could local Google searches boost mobile phone recycling?
(04/03/2011 11:06:05)

People who like to receive instant information on a place they are visiting may consider mobile phone recycling options in order to snap up a new handset with Google facilities.

According to Econsultancy, Google could well produce a localised version of its Instant function in the next few years.

Recently, Google Instant was made available to smartphone users and many are already anticipating developments to make it more applicable to local areas.

Google Instant is an updated form of the famous search engine, which starts to show results as the user is typing.

The main benefit of this is an improvement in speed, as Google noted that people read a lot faster than they type and searches are now said to be between two and five seconds quicker thanks to Instant.

Econsultancy senior research analyst Jake Hird believes that the system will be able to use location-based technology to produce results that are relevant to where a smartphone user is situated.

"Obviously it's not set in stone and no one's said anything, but I do get the impression that with Instant they are going to make it more localised," he remarked.

Despite the prediction, Mr Hird added that the idea of localised Google Instant may be a more long-term development.

"It is quite an interesting concept, but that's the sort of thing I could see happening certainly in the next 12, 22 months," he continued.

The continued progress made by Google could lead more people to sell mobile phones in order to buy a more up-to-date handset.

Last week, Google released an Open Now service for Android-powered devices and the iPhone, which allows users to see what shops, pubs, bars or restaurants are open for business at the time of searching.

Such developments have helped to maintain Google's dominance in the search industry, as results for January 2011 showed the organisation held a 65.6 per cent share of the US core search market.

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