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Enjoy Unlimited Calls And Texts With Vodafone Red
(04/09/2012 13:07:05)


Mobile phone calls were first commercialised by Vodafone back in 1985 when they launched the service on the 1st of January and for just over a week they were the only mobile provider in the country.  To make those first calls you’d have had to be the proud owner of a large brick of a mobile phone but over time that phone has got smaller and more stylish in design whilst also offering us more sophisticated features and functionality. The irony being that most of us use a mobile phone very little for what was once its sole purpose and instead we’re all using the phones smart features to access the internet, check our emails, stream music and video, keep up to date with social media sites and to download games and apps.

To help us keep in touch for less, Vodafone has launched a new plan named Red which costs from £29 per month (price will increase depending on the mobile handset choice) and is available on any Vodafone supplied handset and will allow you to chat to as many friends, family and colleagues as you’d like to with its unlimited calls. Another great feature is that texts are also unlimited, allowing you to send texts to your heart’s content. No plan would be complete these days without including some data use, so it’s great news that 1GB of internet is also included. If you’d like to increase that to a 2GB limit, that will cost £34 per month.

Vodafone’s Chief Executive, Guy Laurence explained that:

"People want to talk for as long as they like to whoever they want, whenever they want, without having to think about things like how many minutes they are using or what's left in their call bundles. That's why we are calling time on call charges. We are offering unlimited calls on all the handsets that we sell, making it simple for customers to choose what they want and easy to understand what they are getting. They can just take out their phone and call without any worries."

The plan is great for those of people that want to be on an easily understandable tariff as all calls are free to not just Vodafone mobiles, but to all other UK mobiles too, as well as standard calls to UK landlines. And unlike other deals on the market, there are no restrictions on the length of your call, so you won’t have to watch the clock and finish your call just before you start being charged for it and then recalling your friend to carry on your conversation.

Enjoy Unlimited Calls And Texts With Vodafone Red

For those consumers that aren’t sure whether the plan is for them and whether the data allowance is sufficient for what they need, they’ll be pleased to know that Vodafone are offering anyone who signs up to the new plan a Data Test Drive; which means that for three months you can use the internet as much as you like and at the end of that time Vodafone will inform you of the total amount used to ensure that the tariff is right for you. 

Some consumers are reluctant to change phones, providers and tariffs because of the time and hassle involved but when changing over to Vodafone’s Red tariff, you’ll be offered access to their Red box device which is an innovative service that will transfer all your contacts, text messages and more from your old phone to your new phone, which means that your new mobile will be ready to use from the word go.

The Red tariff which requires you to sign up for a two year contract, tends to beat its competitors in one of a variety of ways: it has no up-front costs unlike O2’s On & On tariff and is available on a couple more phone handsets; it offers more call minutes and is cheaper than Orange’s The Works and Panther Extra; it offers more call minutes to all UK providers and is not restricted unlike T-Mobiles The Full Monty and more freedom as well as more call minutes than 3’s One Plan. Taking all of this into consideration, it seems that if talking is your favourite way of communicating rather than by email or text, this tariff may be worth taking a closer look at.

As with all call plans, premium numbers are excluded as well as phone numbers starting with 08 and directory enquiries.  Unlike other similar deals that have been launched in the past, there is no ‘fair usage’ small print which is great news for consumers who want a completely transparent deal. 

Vodafone has also launched a Red Business tariff which is available for small businesses and includes unlimited mobile calls, landline calls and texts as well as 2GB of data and costs £38.33 per month. Businesses that sign up will also be given a landline number through Vodafone’s One Net Express service.

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