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Expensive Luxurious Phone Handsets in the World
(19/05/2011 11:54:12)

Think of the world’s super powerful and filthy rich; we’re talking Donald Trump, Simon Cowell and Lex Luther, with swimming pools of money and enough servants to never have to lift a finger. These super rich and ultra-famous sometimes feel the need to display their status with ostentatious displays of wealth, completely disregarding taste and decency in favour of a piece of jewellery that makes Grand Master Flash look a bit dowdy.

It’s a sad indictment to the times we live in that your average celebrity can wear a pair of diamond encrusted trousers to a Remembrance service and not get shot, it’s that looking ridiculous is part and parcel of the celebrity environment (for many of the current breed of glitterati, being a talentless wonder and plumbing the depths of social ridicule is how they got ‘famous’ in the first place) so for you and I, who must survive solely on common sense and an ego directly proportionate to our talent, news of diamond embedded mobile phones costing a million dollars, must be a bit galling, but unfortunately comes as no surprise.

The GoldVish ‘Le Million’ handset is officially the most expensive handset in the world (and it doesn’t even have Angry Birds on it, shocking), being produced as a one-off and featuring enough diamonds to spark a civil war in Africa. The Swiss based luxury brand Goldvish have also been quick to point out that if $1,000,000 is slightly out of your price range, they also offer a bargain-basement range of handsets at $25,600, for all you cheap skates out there.

Other examples of ‘pricey rubbish’ include the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond, coming in at a cool $300,000. Designer Jaren Goh has justified this whopping great price tag by manufacturing the mobile phone out of super-expensive luxury materials, including an ultra-rare titane with a polycarbonate, and mirrored finishing. I was hoping for more kind of rhino horn and panda teeth, that sort of thing. If I’m going to spend that much money on a phone, I want to sleep safe in the knowledge that an endangered species has been slaughtered in its production.

For us mere mortals, who aren’t buffeted and jostled by rampaging paps, and are still genuinely excited when we find a pound coin down the back of the sofa, we can only dream of such unnecessary excess. If we want to get the ball rolling on a private fortune we’ve got mobile phone recycling to exploit! Yes my friends, doesn’t it just scream ‘glamour’. If you recycle mpbile phones to an online trader you can raise anything up to £200 for handsets that you no longer use. Wow, a fortune for electronic tat, you’ll feel like the new Alan Sugar.

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