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Google To Launch A Virtual Tour Guide In Mobiles
(11/09/2012 11:20:05)

Google have just launched Field Trip, which is their latest app for Android smartphones which will provide you with location based information for your local area in the form of alerts which will be sent to your phone. If you want to know more, all you have to do is click on the alert which will be expanded to provide you with more detail.  So whether you want to know more about a local historic building or what events and concerts may be going on or find a local restaurant, this is a great app to download from Google Play.

The beauty of the app is that it automatically detects your location, using mobile tower triangulation and then sends you the information without any further prompt.  The different categories that you can discover are: Historic places and events, Lifestyle, Architecture, Food, Drinks and fun, Movie locations, Outdoor art and obscure places of interest as well as offers and deals through its integration with Google Offers.

The information that you are sent is from a variety of sources including Google’s own review company Zagat, along with Thrillist, Atlas Obscura, Songkick and Flavorpill which are well known online information sources.

John Hanke, Google’s Vice President of product management has commented that:

“Field Trip enables serendipitous discovery of interesting places, events and stories all around you……We hope you never stop exploring.”

To ensure that you are not bombarded with too much or irrelevant information, it is possible to adjust these notifications based on your own personal preference by selecting one of three different levels as well as having the ability to switch it off. 

Other features that Field Trip has to offer include its full voice support, which means that you can listen to the app ‘talking’ about the area and places around you as you drive. It also has intelligent algorithms that will learn from your likes and dislikes as well allowing you to share experiences through social networking sites including both Facebook and Twitter.

Google has only launched the app for Android smartphones but has confirmed that iPhone owners will be able to download the app in the near future as they have said that the app is coming soon to iOS. If you would like to be notified of when this app will be launched, you can sign up for updates through the Field Trip website. If you have just bought Apple’s latest launch, the iPhone 5 or have updated your older phone to iOS 6, you’ll have noticed the absence of Google Maps as Apple replaced the mapping software with their own Apple Maps.  Unfortunately, this move has proved unpopular with many users as the maps are proving to be inaccurate and are suffering from a series of software bugs too. So it waits to be seen whether the Field Trip app will work using the Apple Maps software or whether it will develop a version that continues to use its own and as many have commented, the best mapping app, Google Maps.

As a novel way of launching the app, Google are creating search parties in major cities including; Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. People can sign up at and go on a tour of their local community.

This app is only available in the US as well as on Android at the moment, but based on reviews that have been published so far it appears to be a well-designed app both in terms of functionality and style and has already been deemed as a great addition to Google’s portfolio and we’re sure it won’t be too long before it arrives here in the UK, as well as for iOS, along with a version optimised for use on tablets too.

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