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Social Media Tactics for Mobile Phones
(27/04/2012 02:21:36)

Cash For Mobile - Social Media Tactics for Mobile Phones

Business experts are stressing the importance of a targeted and coherent social media plan for businesses of all sizes, highlighting the growth in social media use via our smartphones.

As companies such as Apple and Samsung sell mobile phones by the million, the scale of growth for mobile social media continues to explode.

A new report from ComScore, revealed that in America, 72 million smartphone users accessed their favourite social networking sites through their smartphones, this was an increase of 37% from the same period examined last year. Though perhaps more important to business leaders, is the frequency with which we are logging on via our smartphones: 50% of those using their smartphones to access social media do so on a daily basis.

Some key statistics to consider when developing a social media plan:

Firstly, understanding the synergy between social networks and the mobile phone is paramount. Social and mobile are natural bedfellows. Our mobile phones are already the pivot around which we communicate with our circle of friends. With major mobile phone manufacturers selling phones at ever increasing rates, social networks are now accessible to us at anytime, anywhere.

Secondly, With the exception of LinkedIn, women are the dominant users of the top 10 social media networks, spending more time and contributing more. Women also buy more with their mobile phones than their male counterparts.

Make it easy as possible to share your business with the consumer. If the company has recently produced good content for your web and social sites, or had a story written about your company in the press, make this as accessible as possible across all the major networking sites.

Finally, ensure that your business is mobile optimized. Selling mobile ad space and mobile based content is a boom industry, ensure your business is set up to make the most of this boom.

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