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Handsets set to be ranked on mobile phone recycling credentials
(21/02/2011 16:46:15)

A league table has been launched in the US in an attempt to highlight which manufacturers prioritise mobile phone recycling when designing a new model.

The GoodGuide is aimed at showing what green credentials a certain handset possesses and could influence environmentally aware people who are searching for a new phone, cnet News reports.

Since the new guide was launched last week, chief scientist Bill Pease has lamented the apparent lack of information surrounding mobile phone recycling techniques among large companies.

"I've been surprised at the amount of information that isn't available," Mr Pease told the publication.

"Few companies were even talking about what they were doing around the environmental or social issues associated with their production practices."

The GoodGuide is compiled using readily available information from organisations such as Greenpeace and scores are dependant on a wide range of variables.

It takes note of how much recycled material is used in a particular handset and also documents how much energy a phone uses when in standby mode.

According to the new ranking system, Research In Motion's BlackBerry is among the worst performers, while Nokia devices are regarded as the best.

Although mobile phone users rarely purchase a handset based on its effect on the environment, Mr Pease believes the ranking system could help to make a difference.

"You're sending a signal to manufacturers that consumers do care about getting some differentiation," he added.
Last year, technology specialist Processor suggested that amendments to bye-laws in many US states meant that more firms would be forced to review their mobile phone recycling methods.

It suggested that in places such as New York, disposing of unwanted handsets on landfill sites had been outlawed.

Companies were also reminded that if they were looking to sell or recycle mobile phones, they should ensure that private and potentially sensitive data is permanently wiped from the devices beforehand. 

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