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Havok Gaming Technology Could Prompt Consumers To Sell Mobile Phones
(30/03/2011 09:08:34)

Gaming giants Havok, who have been responsible for testosterone-fuelled button-bashers such as Call of Duty and Assassins Creed along with a number of Tom Clancy inspired ‘shoot now, ask questions later’ titles, are sticking their oar in the mobile phone industry.

Havok are joining forces with Sony, who are gearing up for the release of the eagerly-awaited PlayStation smartphone or Xperia Play, which will be the first truly hybrid mobile phone and gaming device, featuring a slide out control pad and a gaming-tuned engine.

Due to launch later this year will also be Playstation Suite scheme, where consumers will be able to download new games, this is where Havok come in, as they are look to broaden the range of platforms that their titles are available on.

The rapid evolution of the mobile phone into the dawn of the new smartphone era has seen the popularity of mobile gaming sky-rocket in recent years. In the past the trouble has always been trying to produce a handset with the required processing power to enable smooth gameplay. The new breed of smartphone available on today’s market has no such problems, as those with a smartphone will testify; it’s pretty much the same as having a laptop or PC in the palm of your hand.

The unison between these two entertainment big-hitters is likely to see a plethora of Havok-powered titles making their way on to Sony gadgets. With more and more of us opting for a new smartphone, and with flagship products like the Xperia Play being released in the coming months, it seems that mobile gaming is on the brink of a huge boom. If you want to be part of this gaming revolution you will need a brand spanking new smartphone. With the initial cost a new smartphone still fairly high, this cost can be offset through mobile phone recycling, which is a method of selling mobiles online for cash.

Next time your doodling around online, have a look at one of the many mobile phone recycling websites, all of us will have an old handset lying around the house or office, by trading these in you can make a dent in the initial cost of your new gadget.

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