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Is Apple iPhone 5 Releasing This Fall?
(13/07/2012 17:29:12)

The rumour mills have been turning harder and faster than ever of late and it is all down to that most talked about brand, Apple, and the possibility of them releasing the iPhone 5 this Autumn. With the iPhone 4S coming out this last year I for one think it unlikely that we will see the iPhone 5 in 2012 but that’s no reason not to have a good look at 10 of the new rumours flying around the world.

1. Apple themselves have recently hinted, at their quarterly conference call, that they are expecting to launch a major new phone product in the fourth quarter.

2. In-Cell Technology. There is already available, from manufacturers such as Sharp and LG Display, the technology that puts touch screen sensors inside the LCD display meaning there is only one layer. This means, of course, that screens are thinner and the production costs come down. This in turn means a slimmer iPhone.

3. The iPhone 5 may well have a taller frame than the 4S which would give it a 16:9 aspect ratio on a 4” display.

4. Quad-core processing. I am pretty sure that the iPhone 5 will feature quad-core power as this looks to be the standard offering from most of the big smartphone manufacturers with their latest models and I would not expect Apple to lag behind on something so easily remedied. That’s not to say it’s not exciting, of course, because quad-core means very quick processing power which means a smoother, quicker experience.

5. It has been said by a few different sources that the newest iPhone model will have a smaller dock connector again. It seems that we’ll be seeing a 19 pin port where before we’ve had 30 pins. This means that not only can the port sit side by side with a headphone jack (which is currently situated on the top of the phone) but it also frees up a bit more space inside the phone itself and who knows what the wizards at Apple can do with a bit more space.

6. Will the front-facing camera be HD? Maybe. Which is great news for all users who enjoy a good Web chat or like to take snaps of themselves whilst browsing.

7. Will we be able to swap out the camera lens? Historically it would seem not as Apple have always been fastidious about shipping out sealed units. However, a recently published patent application suggests that the back panel of the new iPhone could be removable.

8. Increased RAM. The iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM and it has been reported that the iPhone 5 could well have 1GB of RAM. Quicker, faster phone use.

9. It has been reported that wireless carriers around Europe have been stockpiling nano-SIM chips. These are smaller than regular SIM cards and would create more internal space for perhaps a bigger battery. The wireless carriers seem to be under the impression that someone may be utilising their chips soon... Apple?

10. Finally, the fact that Apple made a big deal about gaining control of the domain would suggest that they are definitely looking to launch at some point in the near future.

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