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LG Unveils Optimus 3D And Optimus Pad
(29/03/2011 11:22:56)

At this year’s Mobile World congress in Barcelona, LG were operating in a different dimension to their major competitors. Life in 3D is looking very good for the mobile giants who unveiled 2 new marquee products at the techy get-together in the Catalan capital.

Both the Optimus 3D and the Optimus Pad were shown off by LG at the yearly gadget event, and representatives from the company were bragging about their products being the first ‘glasses free’ 3D devices. That’s right folks, no more ‘Na'vi spotters’ to keep hidden away in your pocket.

Big things are expected from both products with their releases expected later in the year. The Optimus 3D will leave the nest with Android 2.2 under its wing, although this will be upgradeable to Android 2.3. It has a dual 5 mega-pixel camera which allows the user to capture and record 3D images and video, those images being displayed on a 4.3 inch WVGA display.

The 8.9 inch Optimus Pad is driven by Android 3.3 which has been designed specifically for the tablet market, and like its smartphone little brother has the ability to capture and record 3D images.

If 2011 is the year you finally sell your old mobile you’ve been clinging to for the last couple of years in the vain hope it will eventually become ‘retro cool’, then LG could be the brand that hauls you up onto the cutting-edge of the 21st century. The relentless march toward 3D shows no sign of slowing and all the major mobile and tablet manufacturers will undoubtedly jump on the multi-dimensional bandwagon with models of their own.

With all this up and coming tech, now would be a great time to look into mobile phone recycling as a means of raising some extra cash to spend on this new gadgetry. LG will be adamant that with these two know flagship products; they have set the benchmark for all the other mobile manufactures to aspire to. If you are looking to upgrade in the coming months, LG may be your best option.

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