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Plenty of Reasons to recycle phones
(17/05/2011 10:36:47)

We are all being urged to tread more lightly on this planet of ours and take a bit more care, not literally; obviously, that wouldn’t work, we’d all just look ridiculous. No the government hasn’t passed new tip-toe legislation; we’re talking of course about our carbon footprint.

Not a week goes by without a politician, famous musician or movie star coming on our screen and imploring us to make a stand against wastefulness, urging us to put an end to our tyre-burning festivals or whatever they think we’re up to. I suppose their right, I do think as I see them fly off in their private jets, maybe that standby button on my DVD player could get turned off.

Recycling and reuse are the current buzzwords; old is the new ‘new’ if that makes sense. It’s only taken us a couple of hundred years to realise that we can no longer keep ripping raw materials out of the ground at such a fierce rate. If we want to haul ourselves out of the pickle we’ve got ourselves in then we must replace our throwaway lifestyle with an environmental awareness that has thus far eluded the majority of us wasteful humans.

One activity that we are starting embrace is the safe disposal of electronic waste, especially our unwanted mobile phones. A growing number of us are turning to mobile phone recycling as a means to dispose of our handsets safely and responsibly, whilst also raising some extra cash in the process. We all have the odd old phone hanging around the house, and if you sell a phone to an online recycler, what would of eventually no doubt been thrown away, can be given a new lease of life in a developing country.

What are the main reasons that people sell old mobiles online to these online recyclers? Mobile phones are so common these days that people don’t hesitate to discard an unwanted model and upgrade to a newer, shinier model. Similarly, because mobile phones are so abundant, a lot of people will stumble upon phone that has been lost, while there is a slightly childish air of ‘finders keepers…’ to selling a phone that has been found, it is certainly a better option than simply throwing it away.

Because the majority of online recyclers accept damaged handsets, mobile phone recycling is usually the first stop for people who have a dud phone on their hands; as long as the device hasn’t been smashed to kingdom come then it will almost certainly be worth a small amount. Often the handset need not even be broken for people to turn to recycling, if an owner simply doesn’t get on with their new handset, they find it too fiddly or whatever, they can simply trade it in.

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