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Marketers Want To Dominate Your Phone
(16/03/2011 17:27:43)

The marketing mad men have ear marked your mobile phone as the next medium with which to bombard you with their brands.

This news which is sure drain your will-to-live battery (along with your phone’s battery), will see a devoted marketing campaign aimed directly at your smartphone, with bigger and brasher campaigns becoming the norm, as your handheld device becomes more powerful it will be able to deal with large amounts of glossy video being hurled at it.

Experts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year highlighted 2010 as a breakthrough year for mobile advertising and have forecast the industry to hit the $20 billion mark in the coming months. Mobile marketing has been a hot topic at the MWC year after year, alongside the usual mobile phone recycling issues and the latest technology emerging from the top mobile brands. But this year saw a particular interest in mobile ads, as the investment in the format looks set to sky-rocket in the coming months.

So with all this money being bandied around, who will be selling mobile phone marketing? Google of course. Honestly, these internet giants, haven’t they done well? Is there nothing they can’t/won’t do? I’d imagine even the Big Fella upstairs uses them, googling ‘Middle East Peace process’ to kick up a few ideas.

The challenge for mobile marketers is to keep these adverts subtle and to ensure they do not impede on what is essentially a very personal device. Mobile users will not want the same device they send intimate messages on screaming ‘Whoooaa Bodyform!’ at them, or accusing you of being a ‘secret lemonade drinker’ whilst your trying to play Angry Birds.

For many, this would be a living hell, but recent surveys have suggested that the chaps behind the brands have a long way to go before we get to that stage. Indeed, the survey revealed that fewer than 15% of consumers have ever clicked on a mobile ad pop up, and over 30% of users found the ads irritating.

So for the time being it looks like we’re safe from the relentless product barrage everyone has been predicting, the gorilla has tucked away his drumsticks for the foreseeable, but as more and more of us opt for a new smartphone, advertisers will no doubt be licking their lips at the opportunities available to them.

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