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Mobile Phone Gaming Lead To Increase In Recycling
(21/03/2011 09:01:13)

Recent research which has been carried out by PopCap has envisaged a huge surge in mobile phone recycling, due to the rapid technological advances made by Smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple.

Consumers are now seeking out devices with an improved gaming spec, as the mobile phone is no longer purely for making and receiving calls, gadget lovers now want a mini games console in their pocket, which are leaving traditional feature phones redundant. Even the early smartphones are beginning to look fairly lacklustre, in comparison to the cutting-edge tech currently being released.

The new research has discovered that over 50% of all games are now played on the smartphone, which dwarfs the 22% currently played on PC and eclipses still further, the more traditional console platform, where only 20% of games are now played. When the same study was carried out in 2009, the amount of gaming performed on a smartphone stood at a fairly paltry 17%. It’s statistics such as these which make experts believe that the launch of devices such as Sony’s PlayStation Phone, may see the balance of power swing in the battle to be smartphone king.

Google Android and Apple currently rule the roost with regard to smartphone sales, but with Sony launching their hotly anticipated gaming phone and the Windows 7 gang opening up their store to keen developers. The coming year may see Apple especially being left behind in the race for our cash.

The ultra-quick turnover of smartphone models will see consumers upgrading sooner and more often as they race to keep up with the latest phones available on the market. Online recyclers are experiencing a massive rise in popularity, as more and more of us look to recycle old mobiles in order to raise some extra cash for the latest smartphones.

The high rate of obsolescence amongst mobile phones unfortunately means that as soon as you have purchased a new model, it immediately begins to depreciate. Selling mobile phones to online recycling schemes is a highly efficient method of squeezing all the value you can out of your old handsets.

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