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Will New Technology Leads To Mobile Phone Recycling?
(22/03/2011 09:23:02)

Think of all those memorable moments in time that were brought to you through your TV sets, that classic footage which has become engrained in our psyche as we all sat glued to the box. The moon landings, JFK’s assassination, Grant’s return to Albert Square, these moments will stay with us forever.

Well what if you made sure you never missed any era-defining telly ever again as the images would be being beamed straight into your mobile phone. Well soon mobile smartphones with satellite software installed within, will be able to receive live TV signal and show it in stunning HD.

The smartphone is redefining how we produce, access and share entertainment, whether it be music, video or with this latest technological advancement, TV. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the range of TV channels available to your handset, from live sports and drama to rolling news and comedies. You can have all the entertainment you normally receive whilst vegging out on the sofa, but now have it piped into your mobile phone.

Should this new downloadable app take off, and we all end up watching our TV on the go, no doubt it will further de-sensitize us to the breaking news and gripping drama’s which permeate our lives. Watching OJ Simpson’s not guilty verdict come in whilst standing in a moaning bus queue, or watching Jack Bauer dead-leg a pesky terrorist whilst out shopping, just doesn’t have the same romance as a family huddled round the box in the corner transfixed to the screen.

If you like the sound of this new tech, obviously you will need to grab yourself a new cutting edge smartphone. By selling old mobiles online to phone recycling companies you can significantly bring down the cost of your new mobile. The majority of these online mobile recyclers will take your old, battered mobiles off your hands while you can look forward to getting your mits on the smartest gadgets available.

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