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Mobile Trade In May Rise For Smartphone Apps That Aid People To Stay Healthy

The word ‘Lifestyle’ has never sat very well with me, it’s one of those umbrella terms that encompasses lots of other trivial and annoying terms. Things like detox and latte, Atkins and Abs. It has also been commoditised, packaged and flogged. A multi-billion pound industry has blossomed from what is essentially the tinkering of basic human survival instincts, what to eat, how much sleep to get, exercise methods, how to make friends! Although not perfect, we’ve done alright as a species haven’t we? At the very dawn of man there wasn’t a self-help book available to the earliest cave dwellers, instructing them to start the day with 20 crunches, a happy thought and a Yakult to keep your Zen in check.

However, making sure you get one of your 5-a-day whilst staying under the recommended daily allowance of grog, keeping on top of your salt intake whilst keeping an eye on your BMI. Cutting your carbs and cholesterol during a skinny, decaf Zumba class just before befriending some good bacteria with eye contact and a firm handshake and god knows what else can all be managed and organised with the help of your trusty smartphone.

There are now are glut of lifestyle apps aimed at making you a healthier, more rounded (well, less rounded but y’know what I mean) individual. With our busy hectic lifestyles, we haven’t got time not to binge on deep fried cigarettes and E-numbers.

There are apps that help you calorie count, presumably for people who after devouring a whole box of chocolates, read the nutritional statistics of a pack of Quality Street and are so overcome with a feeling of pride and guilt, can’t do sums any more.

There are literally thousands of Lifestyle apps you can download on to your smartphone to help you stay healthy, ward off lethargy and get ahead, they can help you lose the gut, nail the interview, and power dress a girl in to bed. With people selling mobiles with traditional features and opting into the smartphone revolution, it looks like our lethargic, lard-saturated, broccoli-scarce lifestyles will be transformed by the all-conquering app.

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