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New Samsung handset 'to come with diamonds'
(23/12/2010 15:42:45)

More people could be tempted to try phone recycling after a major manufacturer revealed it is to offer diamonds with its latest handset.

When the Samsung Diva Diamond hits stores, buyers will also get a diamond necklace, according to a report by Marketing Magazine.

It noted that the promotion is set to be rolled out on in-store advertisements shortly, as well as in the media.

Claire Darbon, channel marketing manager at Samsung, said: "The concept of giving O2 customers an actual diamond just for taking out the device is very compelling. We're sure the idea will do a great job for the sales of Diva in the new year."

The move to give away diamonds with the Diva Diamond handset from Samsung comes as part of the mobile phone manufacturer's new link-up with Big Communications.

As well as the diamond promotion running in conjunction with the Samsung Diva Diamond handset, an in-store display will be used to promote another of the brand's new mobile phones - the Solid Immerse.

Most notable for being waterproof, the handset will be showed off to consumers in stores via a mechanical display, which is set to plunge the mobile phone into water.

It will then be subject to a blast from a wind tunnel in order to let customers see for themselves just how robust the Solid Immerse is.

Jon Marchant, group account director at Big Communications, explained that the gimmick will open up the mobile phone to a new audience - that of a sports enthusiast who requires their phone to be rugged.

Earlier this month, Samsung handed out $2.7 million (£1.7 million) in prize money to a group of winners who came out on top in a competition to design a new app.

A yacht game named Little Sailor, created by a developer from Poland, was named the winning app, but 34 teams of the 2,000 that entered were rewarded for their efforts by the mobile phone manufacturer.

Victorious creator Mooncoder won $300,000 for its app, with Samsung president and head of mobile communications business JK Shin stating that he was impressed with the skills on show throughout the competition. 

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