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Nokia Lumia 610 To Be Launched In June
(21/05/2012 14:08:26)

Recycling Mobile Phone - Nokia Lumia 610 To Be Launched In June

Nokia’s Lumia 610 Windows Phone will be released in June and will be pitted against a whole host of budget Android handsets from the likes of Samsung and HTC, who are all scrapping it out to mop up the last remaining mobile users who are yet to go ‘smart’.

This budget-friendly option from Nokia is not pulling up any trees spec-wise in fact, the watered-down specification on this handset means it will be unable to run Skype, the video calling and instant messaging solution that Microsoft spent billions of dollars acquiring last year. Skype requires 512mb of memory while the 610 serves up just 256mb.

The modest 3.7” screen 610 will be equipped with the hyped Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, as well as offering Nokia’s own Drive, Maps and Music apps. This app trinity provides the user with turn-by-turn navigation, pre-downloaded maps and a compact selection of music.

 Nokia’s growing army of Lumia phones already includes the 610, the 710, the 800 and the 900. It was with the firm’s flagship 800 handset featuring Windows Phone that the Finns announced they would be ditching the ill-conceived Symbian operating system. Despite standout handsets such as the Lumia 800 and 900, the latest of flurry of mid-range handsets, including this 610, suggests that Nokia are not going to start competing with the high-end devices being churned out by Apple and Samsung. 

Despite Nokia recently being toppled as the world’s number one selling mobile manufacturer, they still have huge influence in emerging markets such as China and India. Steering clear of the high-end super products such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 suggests that Nokia’s strategy will be to aim for longer term growth in areas still attractive to companies such as BlackBerry, although manufacturers of Android handsets are also hoping to do well in these new regions. 

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