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Recycle Phones And Get Advanced Handset At Affordable Price
(22/04/2011 09:18:17)

Every now and again, a technology comes along which produces a seismic shift in the way society functions; think wheel, think printing press, think email. I suppose even the most ardent of technophobes will have to begrudgingly accept that smartphones will now need to be added to this famous (or infamous, depends which way you look at it) list.

The smartphone could be described as a ‘Jack of all Trades’, and unlike the cynical, sarcastic alternative ending to this well-known phrase, this era-defining gadget is actually master of quite a few of these trades. With the handset developing more and more nifty tricks as further development is poured into the world of the app, smartphones have their eye (or perhaps camera) on world domination.

With the release of handsets such as the Xperia Play - which is the first gaming-centric handset on the market, the popularity of the smartphone is set to propelled into truly stratospheric territory, it is already outselling traditional methods of online communication including laptops and desktop PC’s.

The mobile phone has certainly come a long way since the first models were rolled out (literally, those first models were enormous!), consumers now have a world of super-advanced tech in their pocket and there is no real limit to the potential of the smartphone.

With the popularity of the smartphone comes the inevitable build-up of unused and unwanted traditional feature phones. Chances are we all have 2 or 3 old handsets lying around the house we no longer need, now we have a shiny new smartphone. One method of dealing with this stockpile of fusty old handsets, is mobile phone recycling, the benefits of which are endless.

If you sell a mobile to these online recyclers they will not only give you cash for your old phone, they will also ensure that your old phones are not condemned to a life in landfill.

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