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Eco-Friendly Gadgets Help Save The Environment
(24/03/2011 19:07:02)

You know what people say if you’ve got big feet? You’ve got a massive carbon footprint, right? Well in these environmentally conscience times, we are all being encouraged to drop a shoe-size or two and reduce our impact on the planet.

Eco-friendly is the phrase on every gadget-lover’s lips these days, as our national grid creaks and groans under the weight of our power-hungry lifestyles, more and more of us are looking to purchase energy efficient gadgets and technology that make the very best use of every last watt.

Mobile giants Nokia are currently ahead of the field with regards to eco-friendly tech, they are producing a range of recycled handsets made from salvageable materials that also run on super-efficient smart chargers. This is encouraging other mobile phone companies to follow suit and produce a range of products aimed at the energy-conscious crowd. Recycling mobiles has become big business.

It’s not just the gadgets within our homes that are becoming more energy-efficient; houses themselves are starting to get the attention they need with regards to waste and efficiency. The installation of small wind turbines on to rooftops and geo-thermal and micro-hydro technologies are being built in to new homes, whilst at the same time technological and engineering advancements means it is becoming easier to incorporate these modern devices in to older houses. It is hoped that in the future, the non-renewable energy consumption of an average family unit will drop considerably.

Alongside energy-consumption, gadget manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of their need to recycle and reuse materials in their products. iPod users can now purchase skins and covers for their music players made entirely from recycled produce, likewise, more day-to-day functional items such as vacuum cleaners are starting to be manufactured using easily salvaged materials.

Manufacturers are all too aware that in order for this drive toward an eco-friendly market place to be successful, it is relying on the consumer to act with their wallets and choose the more energy-efficient models wherever possible, in doing so the high street could soon become the greenest place to be

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