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Review On Nokia E7
(27/05/2011 08:15:27)

The tech world is currently licking their lips in excitement to see whether the union between Nokia and the Windows OS will bear any successful fruit in order to take on and outshine Apple. For the moment however, until the first new models come rolling off the production line, we are left with Nokia’s Symbian OS.

Nokia’s latest offering, the E7 is a more than adequate stop gap until Microsoft and the Finns get their act together. Looking remarkably similar to the hugely successful N8 (which is certainly not a negative comparison) it encompasses the products tag line ‘Success needs no desk’ with a dash and vim that has often been missing from previous Nokia products.

The E7 is hoping to fill the difficult space between business and pleasure, and will hopefully allow you to jump between the two, and for the most part this handset is successful in its aims. Firstly, it looks and feels like it means business, with the same professional contoured finish of the N8. There is also every coffee-fuelled, management meetings favourite feature, the QWERTY keyboard.

Selling mobile phones has never been a problem for Nokia, who still sell a million mobiles a day globally. Selling phones with traditional features, or dumb phones if you like has never been an issue, but ever since the arrival of the smartphone, Nokia have struggled to keep up. With the release of the E7, they have produced a handset which can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the big hitters on the smartphone circuit.

Like every smartphone being released in this era of social networking, the E7 allows easy access to Facebook and there are shortcuts to other online social media’s. The E7’s interface does look a touch messy, with icons thrown all over the screen, like someone has dropped a Jenga puzzle, but you can soon get used to the layout, there are however, times when the interface jitters from screen to screen, which takes a few points off the E7’s final score.

But let us not detract from the point that the E7 is an extremely useful bit of kit and is certainly worth looking into if you are in need of an upgrade.

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