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Review On INQ Cloud Touch
(20/05/2011 10:15:22)

INQ are parading their new Cloud Touch handset as they further their promise on delivering an economical, Android-powered, Facebook-integrated smartphone on a budget. In the same vain as the INQ Chat and the NQ Mini, the Cloud Touch is a terrific entry-level smartphone that is both idiot-proof and powerful.

The term ‘budget’ is a difficult to have to deal with; as it is usually a euphemistic approach to what is essentially being frugal on features. Luckily this new INQ product avoids falling into that particular trap as other manufacturers have done and manages to squeeze in an awful lot of tech in to the handsets design, which is, admittedly a bit of a Blue Peter effort; sticky back plastic and lollipop sticks, that kind of thing.

A major selling point with this new Cloud Touch is not only the deep integration of Facebook, but also the music service Spotify, which is a fantastic addition. Similarly, the Cloud Touch dips its toes further into the ‘innovative’ pond with the addition of the ‘I’ button on the top left flank of the handset which, when pressed, flashes important updates from wherever you are in the phones system, ensuring you never miss a Facebook update.

This INQ handset is not everyone’s cup of tea and serious techies may find the handset a bit too simple, but this shouldn't put you off. What this phone is, is a terrific entry-level smartphone that is no way embarrassed by the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but also comes in at almost half the price, which in the current sticky financial climate, is a huge factor.

This brings us nicely on to the topic of squeezing all the value out of your gadgetry. Growing numbers of people are coming round to the idea of mobile phone recycling, which not only is an environmentally responsible method of disposing of old mobiles, but if you sell your old mobile online, you can also throw the cash raised at a new model. INQ will be hoping this new Cloud Touch will be your first port of call.

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