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Rim Introduces Native Email App for BlackBerry PlayBook
(24/11/2011 15:25:35)

It is question that has baffled tech enthusiasts ever since the BlackBerry PlayBook was released. How could RIM – a company synonymous with email and instant messaging – have given the go ahead for the new BlackBerry PlayBook without including a native email program for the flagship device?

Well now that conspicuous omission has been sorted with a new update for the tablet being announced which will include a new native email function.

The new email program was shown off at the recent BlackBerry Innovation Forum and received plenty of positive feedback. According to the site, RIM has created an email experience that feels like the smartphone email, but takes advantage of the larger screen on the PlayBook. So expect features like read, write, zoom in and out, mark priority etc.

BlackBerry’s are renowned for their business/boardroom functionality which makes them popular with busy professionals. So it will come as no surprise that this update includes not just new email capabilities but new calendar and contacts functions, the former with a layout that adapts to how busy you are – calendar numbers getting bigger if you are particularly busy on a certain day for example.

The contacts are powered by Gist, which is already available as a smartphone app. So if you have a BlackBerry phone, you can take a look at that in advance of launch. Just think of a bigger version though.

When is it coming? The update is scheduled for 17 February 2012. So not long to wait for an enhanced PlayBook. Although rather oddly, you would have been forgiven for thinking BlackBerry wanted to push this new update through before the busy Christmas period - over which - they’d of been hoping to do some serious trade.

However, if you do have your beady eye on a new PlayBook why not try mobile phone recycling as a means of getting together the funds? Selling phones for cash online has become a boom industry of late and is a terrific way of keeping up with the latest technology trends and not breaking the bank.

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