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Samsung Won Patent Battle Against Apple iPad
(10/07/2012 10:29:18)

Last year tech-giants Apple sued their bitter rivals, Samsung, over the design of the Korean companies Galaxy Tab device; which Apple said ‘slavishly copies’ the iPad.

These claims have now been thrown out by the High Court and Apple was forced to drop their legal proceedings against the top selling mobile phone vendors. The shine was taken off Samsung’s victory however; when the judge conceded that Samsung’s designs were ‘not as cool’ as Apple’s.

Try as they might, Samsung simply do not seem to be able to conjure up that almost intangible reverie that surrounds Apple’s products. Ever since the Apple iPhone hit the market back in 2007, all the other mobile technology big-hitters – including Samsung – have been trying to emulate the understated ‘cool’ of the Apple range.

This particular case regarding the Galaxy Tab’s aesthetic qualities is just part of a much wider row between Apple and Samsung over the intellectual property wrapped up in their respective products.

The claims and counter-claims which have been hurled back and forth between the two tech mega-brands are distracting attention away from the fact that Samsung has recently been crowned the number one selling mobile phone company on the planet, finally toppling Nokia’s long reign at the top of the charts.

The court’s decision on Apple’s claims and Samsung’s rebuttal was as follows:

“The court cited noticeable differences in the front surface design and in the thinness of the side profile,” a spokesman said.

 “The court found the most vivid differences in the rear surface design, a part of tablets that allows designers a high degree of freedom for creativity, as there are no display panels, buttons, or any technical functions.” 

The world now eagerly awaits Apple’s response; with many predicting that the iPhone 5 will inflame the bitter rivalry between Apple and Samsung once more, as the Cupertino-based company look to prove to the world that Samsung may be able to sell mobiles by the bucket-load, but they can’t get what they desperately want – effortless cool.

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