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Security Measures While Talking On a Mobile Phone and Driving
(07/11/2011 14:45:58)

Some of you reading this may think that you are pros at driving because you have been doing it for years. You think that speaking on your mobile phone would not hinder your driving at all. ‘Vroom,’ then ‘bleep,’ oh but it is an important phone call. You are tempted to take it because it is rush hour and the traffic is moving very slowly.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. Some people even have two handsets, as the cost of acquiring a mobile phone becomes cheaper with all the contracts and deals offered by network providers. Mobile phone recycling is also on the rise, so people can get money for their old phones to get new one. There are also many major manufacturers selling mobiles for cheap as the competition increase between mobile phone makers and mobiles become integral to everyday life. Similar to a car, mobiles phones they are both a necessity and a status symbol. Surely, at some point driving and using the mobile phone will occur simultaneously.

Did you know that motorists who are side-tracked by incoming call on their mobile phones have resulted in thousands of accidents? My father has an old Nokia 6610 that is functional, uncomplicated and simple. He gets many phone calls for work and despite my recommendation for him to recycle mobile phone and get a modern one with hands free, he insists on pulling over to the side of the road when he needs to make or answer important calls. After looking at the statistics of mobile phone related accidents I have realised his way is safe and responsible.

Not everyone wants to pull their car over or avoid making calls while driving. It is a busy life and if you must urgently use your mobile phone there are other precautions you can take to protect yourself and others from an accident. The easiest thing to do is slow down and ensure that no other cars and pedestrians are near. This is still not legal and if you are caught speaking on your mobile phone while your car is moving ever so slowly the police officer will still come and give you a ticket. The better solution is buying a hands free kit and keep your the handset within easy grasp. If your handset is not in a convenient place, there is no point to using hands free, as you will still get distracted. This is much better that having to put the phone in the crook of your neck in an uncomfortable position. If you are distracted by your phone whilst driving you don’t only put yourself at risk, but also other careful drivers who happen to be in your vicinity. This is why it is so important to drive and chat responsibly.

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