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Sell Mobile And Find New Smartphone Apps Using Yahoo's Smartphone Search App
(05/07/2011 08:13:33)

‘There’s an app for that!’ is a phrase which has become part and parcel of everyday conversation, whether it is uttered with a humorous tone or a genuine piece of advice. There is such a weird and wonderful range of downloadable apps to try that the sheer choice can be a bit overwhelming at times, so what if you needed a tool that could locate any app you require at the touch of a button, well now there’s an app for that.

The first one is Yahoo! App Search on the PC, which is a desktop-based program that is nice and easy to use. In fact, it works much like all the other mobile app stores such as the one seen in iTunes as well as the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore for Android.

However, Yahoo! App Search does not charge the user but instead the search leads them to the source of the app, whether that be the iTunes App Store or the Android Market. Yahoo! also provides a QR code when applicable and the option to send the link directly to the user’s mobile device, which is a very handy little addition.

Secondly we have Yahoo! AppSpot, a mobile search app for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones. This program is also free to use and works much like the desktop version. However, remember that when downloading apps on a smartphone, it could make a bit of a dent in your data plan when connected via 3G/4G.

For those of you who are yet to take the plunge with a web-enabled smartphone, you are probably fed up of being preached to at how remarkable these wonder-gadgets are. If you’re fed up of reading pieces like this which sing the praises of these jumped up mobile phones and have decided you may as well jump on the smartphone bandwagon, then ensure you try mobile phone recycling when disposing of your decrepit old phone. By selling old phones for cash to online phone trade I companies, the initial price of your new smartphone can be significantly reduced.

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