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Nokia new launches from E5, X3 Touch, c1 versions in 2011
(25/03/2011 11:23:42)

What went wrong at Nokia? The Finnish giants have been left out in the cold in recent years, as they watch their major competitors sell mobiles for fun and completely dominate the market. It has been 4 years now since Apple first launched the iPhone and Nokia have struggled to get anywhere near this best-seller ever since.

If you want to sell mobile phones, you need to stay ahead of the field, with both the technology being churned out and the accompanying marketing strategy. Unfortunately for Nokia they have been left in the starting blocks on both of these issues.

This coming year may provide some light at the end of the tunnel for the chaps at Nokia. A flurry of new handsets are being released in the coming months which will go head to head with the all the big boys based in Silicone Valley.

2011 has seen the Smartphone out sell PC’s for the first time, and Nokia will need to make the most of this popular new technology if they want to claw their way back to the top of the tree.

So it seems odd that Nokia are still hell bent on hammering the ‘first-phone’ niche, functional, cheap and reliable handsets aimed primarily at first time mobile phone users.

The X3 Touch is a curious blend of a touch screen and conventional 12 button keypad. It looks pretty and being only 9.6mm thick it slips into the skinniest of skinny jeans. In a similar vein to the X3 is the C1-01 which fits the simple, dependable, low-cost criteria which Nokia seems so keen with.

Slightly more upmarket is the E5, which does a sterling job at impersonating a Blackberry. Although lacking that all important touch-screen, it switches between business and personal mode very smoothly and theoretically could carve out a niche for itself in the affordable end of the low-end Smartphone market.

If Nokia really want to get serious about halting the progress of Apple they need to set their standards a little higher, and perhaps start focussing their efforts on the high-end Smartphone market. Models such as the N8 are the closest Nokia has come to closing the gap between themselves and the other major mobile players, with a competent fluid feel to the touch-screen and an all-round impressive spec.

If you want to join the Smartphone revolution as quickly as possible then visit one of the myriad of are a whole host of mobile phone recycling websites. This is an ingenious way to cut the initial costs of your new mobile and help protect the environment in the process. Next time you’re browsing online, have a look at the latest recycling prices. Even if you don’t fancy a Nokia, there’s plenty of new gadgetry out there to splash your cash on.

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