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Android 2.4 expects to land this summer
(25/03/2011 10:56:22)

Google are set to announce the release of their latest Android operating system this summer, and they’re sticking with the desert theme, as ‘Ice Cream ‘is set to be served up around June/July time. Which will aim to make Google’s major competitors look like puddings?

Android 2.4 as grown-ups call it, is set to be the latest offering from the long buffet table of high-performance operating systems developed by the Californian computer giants. To date we have seen the launch of the Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb systems.

This latest release throws up two questions. Firstly, is there a specific think-tank at Google HQ whose participants are actually just fed on sunshine and unicorn juice and charged with dreaming up these schmaltzy, sugar-coated, feel-good monikers? Secondly, and much more importantly, will this range of operating systems be able to haul in the runaway success of Apple iPhone and their iOS.

Well depending on who you listen to, many tech experts scurrying around at the CES this year were adamant that the Honeycomb OS will probably not be onboard the latest range of Smartphone’s to be released this year, but will almost certainly be saved for the tablet market. Motorola's Xoom for example is buzzing with Honeycomb power. This could mean that the Ice Cream or Android 2.4 OS is being lined up for some standout models to be released later on in the year.

The constant stream of new operating platform's being churned out by Google have seen them sell mobile phones by the gazillion, and this trend looks set to continue into and beyond 2011.

If you have got a sweet tooth and fancy something from the Google goodie bag, then you may need a bit of extra cash. As the Smartphone juggernaut rumbles ever louder, you may wish to try your hand at mobile phone recycling and then chuck the profit at a brand new model? All of us have a few old models lying around the house; you should be taking advantage of this, ‘sell mobile phone and get new Smartphone’. You don’t have to be part of a think-tank to work that one out.

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