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Sell Your Mobile For The Best Big screen smart phones
(29/09/2011 15:15:07)

It would seem that when it comes to smartphones; size really does matter, as the current batch of billboard-sized handsets shows. These touchscreen monsters being produced by the likes of HTC and Samsung are anti-pocket and proud, looking more like baby tablets than mobile phones.

Here are some of the best super-sized smartphones currently on the market: The Sensation XL is yet to be launched, but with its imposing 4.7-inch display it’s already generating excitement amongst gadget enthusiasts. Along with its size, this Sensation handset will be one of the first phones to arrive with Dr.Dre Beats audio on board. This Android-powered monster looks set to be a great all-rounder, whether it is music, video or gaming that floats your boat.

If we’re being brutally honest the Galaxy Note isn’t really a smartphone, despite its best efforts to fit into this exclusive high-end smartphone group; it is really an undersized tablet. At 5.3-inches this notebook style handset may have a bit of an identity crisis as it tries to find its way in this crowded market. Maybe the fact it has an old school stylus (or S-pen) should help it realise it’s a bit of a niche product.

That’s not to say this device isn’t very good indeed, there’s a dual-core 1.4GHz processor on board, along with 1080p video recording, a high-powered graphics chipset and up to 32GB of storage. By all accounts this Galaxy note is very big, and very clever.

At first glance (and probably second and third glance also) you may be forgiven for thinking that the HTC Titan is just the Sensation under a different name. The spec sheets are practically identical, as are the dimensions and they share the same processor…. So basically yes, it’s the same phone.

Or is it? HTC Titan is one of the new breed of smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the beefed-up version of Microsoft’s mobile OS that launched last year.

One thing that all these beasts have in common is that they won’t come cheap. Many gadget enthusiasts are coming round to the idea of phone recycling, or selling old phones for cash in order to afford all these monstrous new handsets.

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