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Sell Your Mobile Phone For Free Satnav Android apps
(16/11/2011 16:45:25)

The Sat Nav makes so life so much easier compared to the days when we had to print out maps before leaving home, or search for street names in the A-Z. Several developments to the Sat Nav are now available as apps that may be added to your smart phone free, or at a small cost. Sell your mobile for a new smartphone so you can take advantage of these new navigation applications.

The latest free Satnav Android app that may outshine Tom-tom are:

Google Maps with Navigation

If you thought Google Maps is great, this app makes it even greater. It gives users visual and audio turn-by-turn routes from current location to a searched destination. You can search for any area according to postcode, street name, tube stop, or even the name a building. Never get lost with this brilliant app.


MapQuest offers audio and visual directions and even allows you to speak your destination to make a search.

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner offers turn-by-turn navigation that directs you to cycle paths in the city and help you to bypass busy areas, creating a safer, more peaceful journey. Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner has vibrating alerts and voice instructions so you do not have to divert your eyes from traffic while you are riding your bike.


This app is ideal for pedestrians and it shows you the direction to your location with a simple white line. It uses a navigation system, which shows the path to pedestrians on a live camera feed. Phone recycling is a great way to get cash for a new smart phone as it is handy for a walker in a big city to have one. This way you will never get lost and arrive to your destination late.


Skobbler GPS Navigation utilises a free map from Wikipedia that has 250,000 users constantly keeping it updated. It is simple to use and has turn-by-turn navigation. It is reliable as it is never outdated. The free version of Skobbler is financed by adverts and that is the only drawback.

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