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Scottish Government Launches New Mobile Phone Web Apps
(29/03/2011 16:12:27)

How many different wheelie bins are we up to now? It’s black for household waste, brown for garden refuse, green for certain recyclables, a special bin for electronic waste like batteries and fuses, multicoloured bottle banks... I would be in favour of one more bin, specifically for all the time I waste trying to sort out what goes where.

In response to this problem, the Scottish Government have launched a handy recycling app for your mobile phone aimed at boosting recycling awareness and making it easier to be green-fingered. The app will include lists of products which can and cannot be recycled; whereabouts these products should be taken for disposal, along with helpful hints and tips for hitting the targets set out in the Zero Waste Plan for Scotland.

One area of waste recycling which always throws a spanner in the compost, is common electrical waste, what to do when your old kettle has run out of steam? Or it’s game over for your old video console? Trouble is of course that the majority of modern day electrical goods are comprised of harmful materials that if discarded in landfill can cause significant damage to the local wildlife and ecology.

Take your modern mobile phone for example; each one contains a chemical cocktail capable of burning through the hull of a spacecraft! Oh hang, no that’s the film Alien, but still, it’s pretty nasty stuff and can cause irreversible damage to the local ecology should it leach out into the soil.

Well one weapon we do have in our green arsenal is mobile phone recycling, which despite more media exposure still remains relatively untapped. However, selling phones online has huge potential to solve the mounting problem of electrical waste. Every year millions of old mobile phones are inexplicably dumped in landfill, when with just a few quick clicks online we could all be cashing in on our old gadgetry. More and more online companies are offering cash for selling old mobiles.

So next time you find yourself with an old mobile phone standing before a fleet of multi-coloured wheelie bins, take a moment to have a browse online to see what your old mobile is worth.

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