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Smartphone Fitness Apps Could Be The Best Reason To Sell Mobile Phones
(03/10/2011 16:15:36)

If we’re to believe the apocalyptic sensationalism whipped up by the media (and annoyingly backed up by science) then the two big threats facing our pristine way of life are global warming and obesity, and whilst these two factors are fairly disparate in their effects, their causes are inextricably linked; through a combination of poor lifestyle choices and unremitting excess.

The figures concerning both these problems are truly alarming; with 60 per cent of UK adults now considered overweight and sea levels creeping up year on year, threatening our coastal communities. Perhaps with a well-co-ordinated operation and an element of Dunkirk Spirit we should ferry the fatties up to the northwest of England; therefore causing this green and pleasant land of ours to see-saw slightly, thus alleviating the watery threat to Kent?

Too drastic? Okay well perhaps we could tackle the bulging waistlines and coastal erosion in a manner that doesn’t involve the diaspora of rotund humans to rival that of the great wilderbeast migration in Africa. Maybe our smartphones hold the solution?

A spree of new fitness apps have been released which it is hoped will encourage this nation to leave our gas-guzzling, exhaust spewing cars in the garage and get active. The government have set a target of 2020 to see the number of heavy Britons falling (in a statistical sense, obviously, not a Total Wipeout style cull) and it is hoped that mobile phone technology will lead the way in our quest for lovely green abs and a wash-board lifestyle, or something like that. Everyone knows the key to any successful exercise program is motivation. I think as a species we’re innately drawn toward exercise to a certain degree, but this has been slowly bred out of us under the influence of rogue outside factors, such as slippers and sponge cake. I mean, it is difficult to peel oneself off the couch and entertain the notion that raising your heartbeat above reptilian levels for an extended period of time whilst clad in an ill-fitting tracksuit; will be anything but uncomfortable.

The majority of modern smartphones now include GPS which allow you to track your route if you go out jogging, this allows you to keep a record of times and distances; which in turn should help you to turn you improvements into a motivational tool to ‘keep going’.

There are smartphone apps out there now that don’t just concern themselves with physical activity but also bring in other factors such as diet and lifestyle programs, which when combined with an active lifestyle can help to trim some poundage from our middles.

If you are yet to take the plunge with a smartphone and want to sell an old phone in order to update to the very latest app-enabled mobile phone, then make sure you investigate mobile phone recycling, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to raise the cash for any new model.

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