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Sony Unveils 'My Daily Clip' App for iPhone
(17/03/2011 08:41:43)

For those of you who want the finest apps known to humanity, you want them here, and you want them now, then listen up, Sony is making you an offer you can’t refuse.

The entertainment giants have launched a free app for the Apple range which brings movie fans a classic clip from the company’s vast movie library. I love the smell of freebies in the morning.

The first rule of Sony’s free app is we really do need to talk about this free app. Each clip will be accompanied by a small slice of movie trivia, which will keep the movie geeks happy and improve your pub quiz knowledge no end. Sony will be releasing a free clip every day. So if you’re an owner of an iPod touch, keeper of an iPhone 4, then you will be entitled to a slice of movie history, on this day and the next.

Sony, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?

Each clip will have a link embedded which will allow you to download the entire film, and also provide users the ability to share the clips and trivia on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

You can also look back over previous day’s clips and scroll back over all the classic moments which have been committed to film. The free app is a fantastic way for Sony to gain more exposure of its huge online movie library, whilst Job’s and the Apple gang will be hoping this latest free app available to the all-conquering iPhone, will mean yippie-kay-yay to Google Android.

If you’re sat there thinking you could have been someone, you could’ve been a contender, but you don’t have a top of the range Smartphone to back this claim up, then now might be a great time to try online mobile phone recycling.

Trading in old mobiles can help toward the initial cost of a new cutting-edge smartphone. Everyone has got an old handset lying around the house gathering dust, which should be getting recycled. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t have an old Nokia sitting in a drawer, when it could be earning him cash.

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