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Web Surfing and Texting Could Lead to Mobile Phone Recycling
(18/03/2011 15:36:21)

We all know how good it is to talk, but apparently it’s better to browse, as more and more of us are sniffing out longer term mobile phone contracts which offer more web time than talk time.
A recent survey has highlighted a consumer trend sweeping through the mobile phone community. The number of talk-time minutes mobile users require from their mobile contract has more than halved in less than a year. As the art of conversation has apparently become a dirty, archaic activity from the past, like badger-baiting or scalping. 
The average requirement for the consumer is now a measly 10 minutes per day, or 300 minutes per month to put it in a contract context.  Mobile phone habits have changed dramatically with the rise of the smartphone, consumers are now more than happy to sign up to long-term 24-month contracts which are sparse on free minutes but offer the user all-you-can-eat internet.
The meteoric rise of the smartphone has occurred at more or less a similar rate to the explosion of social networking, you don’t ring people anymore to find out what they’re up to, you simply check a ‘status’ to find out they’re washing up. Triviality has a new medium. 
It would seem people these days are just more comfortable with sending a text or tweeting in public rather than making calls, hence the move from a primarily talk-time driven range of contracts through to more web-orientated deals. With the new range of innovative smartphones teasing us into selling old mobile phones online, upgrading to a smartphone, and then tweeting until our beaks are sore, it’s best to shop around for the best deal tailored to your exact needs.
For some of us old fashioned fuddy-duddy’s who make Noah look cutting-edge, the idea of having to pay more to get hold of a contract which allows the phone to perform the task it was originally designed to do, does seem a bit galling. I suppose we’ll all have to get with the times and get a Twitter account.
‘Jst got nu phone contract. Must finish washing up’
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