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US businesses urged to engage in mobile phone recycling
(21/12/2010 13:30:43)

Companies in the US have been told to seek effective mobile phone recycling methods to dispose of old handsets.

Technology specialist Processor has suggested that new eco-laws across the country have made it even more important to find suitable ways to recycle mobile phones.

In New York for example, it has been made illegal to dispose of equipment in landfill sites.

With firms constantly updating their employees' handsets to the latest iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia models, many corporations may have found themselves developing a stash of unused devices.

The publication believes enterprises should opt to use a professional company that specialises in mobile phone recycling, rather than utilise other methods.

Importantly, firms should ensure that recycling businesses offer guarantees that sensitive data that might still exist on a handset will be wiped permanently.

Chief executive of e-waste specialists Cloudblue Ken Beyer told the publication that some companies may even take video recordings of a phone being wiped to provide further peace of mind.

President and founder of Take My Mac Andrea Bebirian also indicated that people should not be put off sending old equipment due to cost considerations, as most firms offer hassle-free and cost-effective delivery methods.

In the UK, the Daily Mirror has predicted that the number of people looking to sell mobile phones or use recycling initiatives could grow due to the release of the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

The latest version of the system is scheduled to be made available on a range of handsets in February 2011 and is expected to prove popular.

It also suggested that the 2010 launch of the iPhone 4 could have led to an increase in people looking to get rid of old handsets.

According to the publication, a Techtree report said of the gadget: "The phones have a drop-dead gorgeous design, visually stunning display with the highest resolution of any smartphone [and] a world-class operating system that remains unbeaten when it comes to design."

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