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Young children able to use mobile phones
(20/01/2011 12:35:35)

Many young children know how to work a mobile phone, a new study has revealed.

According to research by AVG, 28 per cent of two to five-year-olds are able to make a call on a handset.

In addition, nearly one in five people in the same age group were found to know how to operate a smartphone application.

Figures from AVG also indicated that young children are equally tech-savvy when it comes to using a computer.

Research showed that more than two-thirds are able to operate a mouse, while a similar proportion know how to turn their PC on and off.

Meanwhile, 25 per cent of two to five-year-olds were found to be capable of opening a web browser, and 16 per cent know how to flick between different websites.

JR Smith, chief executive of AVG, said the findings show that technology is having a "big impact" on today's small children.

Indeed, he said the environment in which they are growing up is totally different from the one their parents would have experienced in early life.

"The smartphone and the computer are increasingly taking the place of the TV as an education and entertainment tool for their children," Mr Smith commented.

He stated that while there is nothing wrong with people learning how to use technology from an early age, he insisted that this must be done responsibly and not at the expense of developing "key life skills".

Statistics from AVG showed that only 11 per cent of two to five-year-olds are able to tie their own shoelaces, while just 20 per cent know how to swim unaided.

This comes after research by Nielsen revealed that teenagers in the UK are more likely to access the internet through their mobile phones than their counterparts in other European countries.

The study found that people in this age group are particularly keen to log on to social networking sites via their handset.

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